Funny Story for a Proud Grammie

It was a proud day for me as a Grandmother. You must be thinking of some milestone for my grandchildren, but no. My son called to tell me about my two granddaughters, Charley and Bradie and what they had done. He called upstairs to inquire about what they were doing. They said “don’t come up until Mommy comes home, we have a surprise for you”. He told them that it better not be anything he has to clean up. When my daughter-in-law got home they went upstairs and slowly opened the bathroom door. Inside was a large sign that said, “Welcome to Spa Sedona”. The girls had decorated the bathroom to look like the spa, candles, creams and music. My son looked into the sink and there were rocks that had been painted different colours like at Spa Sedona. They had gone outside and got rocks from their flower garden and painted them. My son noticed that the water was not draining from the sink. After telling them what a great job they had done he went to find out why the water was not draining. He took the elbow pipe under the sink off. In the pipe were small stones, dirt, straw and twigs. He was not impressed! He might not have been happy with them but I was so proud of my little entrepreneurs.

My little Entrepreneurs


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