I’m reading the book “Grain Brian” which is about the effects of Gluten on your brain. I was surprised to read that Gluten is used in other things other than food, such as Medications, beauty products and vitamins. Gluten in beauty product is what caught my eye.

Over 8 years ago I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity after being tested for food allergies for the crippling fatigue I was suffering from. Once on a gluten free diet other things changed, my heart burn went away, bloating went away and the fatigue was a thing of the past.

The thought that gluten is in my beauty products was scary and I went directly to my suppler to find out if our [comfort zone] and Jane Iredale is gluten free. This was their response:

“Of course!   Yes, [comfort zone] is gluten free, paraben free and chemical free.  What sets [comfort zone] apart from other “natural” skincare brands we believe is the science and research behind it.   Many “natural” brands are just that, natural ingredients in a face cream, but are they working together to provide results?  Also, as you know, the products and treatments are developed to work for your mind, body and soul.  From the Tranquillity welcome and massage techniques, so it is a wellness experience that will also give great results!”

Jane Iredale is also gluten free, paraben free and chemical free as well.”

You can rest assured our products and treatments are healthy for your skin, even from gluten.


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