Tranquillity Message for March 2014

“Your Spirit Restored” That has been Spa Sedona’s tagline since opening in June 2006. This tagline conveyed what I wanted for our clients. My idea for the spa was to create a place that people could come and rejuvenate and restore their spirit. The people like me, working long hours, had long commutes, busy schedules with family, community and caring for others. People who put others first then found themselves stressed and run down. When our clients come out to Reception after having a service they have that calm look on their faces. I know we have lived up to our tagline and it makes me feel so good. You all need to step back and take some time for yourself. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

Keeping you healthy is our aim and that includes your skin as well as your spirit. So Anita and I made a decision that we want to keep your skin healthy by giving you a FREE Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup demo. This is a $25.00 savings. Why are we so passionate about Jane? It’s healthy for your skin, no fillers like talc, chemical-free sun protection of SPF 20, Non-comedogenic and oil-free allowing the skin to breathe, anti-inflammatory, does not support bacteria and the vitamins and anitoxidants used are pharmaceutical grade.

Anita and I both use Jane and really see the difference it makes in our skin. Come see the coverage it gives, the fact that it’s healthy for your skin is a bonus.

You can book a demo any day; it’s our gift to your skin.

Sherry Robinson – Owner

“5 Tips to decide if you need a Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Relaxation Massage”

When we are booking clients for a massage at Spa Sedona the question we get asked the most is “what is the difference between a Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Relaxation Massage”.   Both of these massages are done by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and are cover by group insurance in most cases. Here are 5 quick tips to make that decision:

  1. Are you in pain?  If you have pain going on in the body such as, sore lower back, neck pain, shoulder pain or if you just woke up with a kink in your back you will need a deep tissue massage.  A deep tissue massage is exactly what it says.  The RMT will go deeper into the muscle to try and loosen up that tightness.  You usually will need more than one massage.
  2. Do you want to be in pain the next day? I tell people with a deep tissue massage you will probably be sore the next day.  This is common and means the RMT has found the problem and it is starting to improve.
  3. Are you stressed out?  Massage is so important for your well-being and managing stress.  The best massage for Stress is a Swedish Relaxation Massage.  It is exactly what it says “Relaxation”, you won’t be sore the next day, you may fall asleep and you will feel wonderful!
  4. Are you pregnant?  If you are pregnant you need an RMT to do your massage.  The prenatal massage is a little different.  Many pregnant women do have a lot of back pain because of the distribution of weight in their body at this time.  We will book this client for the prenatal massage which can be a combination of both massages. We use a belly pillow designed just for pregnant women.
  5. Do you want it to hurt or do you want to just chill?  I’m not a big fan of pain! I only have a Deep Tissue massage when I’m already in pain.  But we have other clients that are not happy and do not feel they are getting their money’s worth unless they are in pain while getting their massage…. Who are these people? MEN!

These are my tips for making your Massage decision.  All people need massages and we have 6 RMT at Spa Sedona to give you whatever type of massage you need.  Call or email today to book your appointment at 905-686-4955 or

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