Do you ever stop being a Mother?

I’m writing this newsletter while sitting at the end of my son’s hospital bed waiting for his wife to come in and take over. As I look at my grown son in the hospital bed, he is still that teenage boy I sat with in the hospital so many years ago. I try not to take over like when he was a teenager but sometimes I can’t help myself, asking nurses; when is the doctor coming, do you have the test results, he needs his IV bag changed, he needs more meds. From my experiences over the years with hospitals, the rule is “never leave your loved one alone”. So as a family we all take turns staying with him.

So no, you never stop being a Mother no matter how old your children get but you have to be respectful  not to over step your place. PS – he is out of hospital and doing fine.

Sherry Robinson


This month we are launching a new product line called, Clayton Shagal. This line is known for its outstanding results with their “Collagen Facial”. As we age we lose collagen in our skin and where we see it the most is our faces.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, especially type 1 collagen. It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It’s what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells.

At Spa Sedona we want to help you look as young as you feel. Our new Clayton Shagal Collagen facial will do that. Book your appointment today and see the difference. CALL 905-686-4955 OR EMAIL

How to look your best for your Reunion

Can you go home again? Some say no you can’t but last weekend I went home for the 55 year reunion of our Teen Town. When I was young my best friend was Donny. He now calls himself Don, but he will always be Donny to me. It was like no time had passed and we were back to joking and having fun. Then there was my dear friend Janie who is fighting the fight of her life against the big C. My energy will go out to her every day.

We need to go back. There is something calming about returning to your childhood. It can be listening to music from when you were a teenager. Music can bring back great memories that boost your spirits.

If you have a reunion coming up here is how to plan to go back looking your best: 1) Book a facial about three days before, the Oxygen Facial would be my recommendation if you want to remove wrinkles. 2) You can have your Pedi/Mani done about 2 days before and you are set to go. If you want your Makeup done for the event, book in the morning of the event. Jane Iredale will last all day. We will help you put your best face, hands and feet forward.

Sherry Robinson



Did you know that we do “Threading” as well as waxing at Spa Sedona? When we hired a new Esthetician, Punita two years ago we didn’t realize that we were getting a very experienced “Threader”. As Punita tells me she has been doing threading for over 25 years and she is fast. I had treading done for the first time a few months ago and I have to say I really liked the service. It was fast, relatively pain free and no pain after. Plus it has very clean results. I also like the fact that it did not pull my more mature skin (polite way of saying old skin). I would highly recommend that you give threading a try for your lip and eyebrows.  Let me know what you think.

Enjoy your summer.

Sherry Robinson, Owner of Spa Sedona


What it means to be Canadian for Sherry Robinson

What does it mean to you to be Canadian? I am so very proud to be a Canadian. There is no where I would rather live than in Canada. These are my reasons I love being Canadian: clean air, the beauty of our country, polite people, we don’t lose our home if we have a health crisis, it takes 17 times for a Canadian to hear something before we believe it, it’s a safe place to live, we embrace diversity, our Canadian heritage, when other countries are in crisis Canada is there to help, the respect I get when I tell people in other countries that I’m Canadian, maple syrup, poutine, Canadian beer, Canadian humor, CBC, great Canadian actors/comedians and I could go on.

On Canada Day it is our tradition at the cottage that I bake a Canada cake and everyone from the  neighboring cottages come and we all stand and sing Oh Canada. This year we will be singing a little louder. I am so grateful that “we are Canadian”.


By Sherry Robinson owner of Spa Sedona


No I don’t mean your measurements!

Do you know your blood pressure numbers(BP)? And if you know them do you know what they mean? Well I found out my numbers the hard way. It appears that men know much more about their BP numbers than women or maybe it is just me. Last year at a fundraiser golf tournament for the Ajax/Pickering Hospital they were taking peoples BP on one of the holes. There was a group of over 10 people mostly men standing around with fear on their faces at the idea of having the BP taken. As I waited my turn, the men discussed their numbers like it was their stock portfolio. When my numbers registered 236/110 they all stopped talking and stared at me. What was the problem? What did that number mean? The nurse tested it again and then told me that I had to go directly to my doctor because these numbers were not good. She also told me to buy a home BP monitor.

Since that day I now know my numbers and how crazy that was to have BP that high.

I have been obsessed with finding out what could cause this and how to treat it. These are the things that have helped me: Finding a medication that worked for me(I tried many);Managing stress, WHICH INCLUDED MASSAGE THERAPY;  learning how to relax; checking that my hormones were in balance and adjusting my diet. I did find that I had a thyroid imbalance and I’m seeing a big improvement since treating that.

That BP number meant nothing to me in the beginning but now I have a healthy 115/75 BP.

So if you are in a drug store and they have the BP monitor, sit down and take your BP. Know your numbers!


Sherry Robinson


Funny Story for a Proud Grammie

It was a proud day for me as a Grandmother. You must be thinking of some milestone for my grandchildren, but no. My son called to tell me about my two granddaughters, Charley and Bradie and what they had done. He called upstairs to inquire about what they were doing. They said “don’t come up until Mommy comes home, we have a surprise for you”. He told them that it better not be anything he has to clean up. When my daughter-in-law got home they went upstairs and slowly opened the bathroom door. Inside was a large sign that said, “Welcome to Spa Sedona”. The girls had decorated the bathroom to look like the spa, candles, creams and music. My son looked into the sink and there were rocks that had been painted different colours like at Spa Sedona. They had gone outside and got rocks from their flower garden and painted them. My son noticed that the water was not draining from the sink. After telling them what a great job they had done he went to find out why the water was not draining. He took the elbow pipe under the sink off. In the pipe were small stones, dirt, straw and twigs. He was not impressed! He might not have been happy with them but I was so proud of my little entrepreneurs.

My little Entrepreneurs


What a Certified Life Coach can do for you

This month we are offering a session with Certified Life Coach, Sharon Coldwell as part of a package. Some may wonder why we would combine a Life Coach Session with a spa service. But overall wellness means having a balanced life along with physical health.

There are times in our lives that the balance of our life is off. It can be our jobs, family problems, money issues, partners, health and the one women have a big problem with is Personal Growth (time for themselves).   When those times come along, you need support.

When that time came in my corporate life, before Spa Sedona I knew I was not happy in my job. I turned to a Life Coach for help. From the work I put in with the Life Coach, together we came to the realization that I was an Entrepreneur. Being in a controlled corporate environment was always going to be stressful for me and maybe it was time to try something on my own. We also learned that my passion was the Client experience and Spa Sedona was born two years later. Best life balance thing I have ever done. Wellness means life balance, so come have a massage and talk to a Life Coach, do it for your health.


Do you have trouble sleeping?

Try this little exercise.  Type the words “why am I…” into Google.  The first auto complete suggestion, which is based on popular searches, reads “why am I so tired?”
Sleep deprivation has become a global epidemic, with over one-third of adults regularly sleep deprived.
Think of yourself as a car.  Every time you think, speak, imagine, move or sit still, you’re running the engine.  You need fuel (energy) to keep the car going.  But as the fuel burns exhaust fumes build up as pollution.  As we sleep our glymphatic system kicks in and washes away all the pollution, cellular junk and toxic waste with cerebrospinal fluid.
Neuroscience shows that we need 8 hours of quality sleep to maintain a healthy body and mind.
One of the greatest discoveries in skin-brain science was the nerve fiber in skin that senses emotional touch named “C-tactile fiber.” These nerve fibers tell you how you feel, as opposed to what you’ve touched.
These fibers respond to the most gentle of touches.  This touch releases physical tension plus emotional tension.
When my twin boys were in their terrible twos, to calm them down at night I would very gently caress their face and arms.  Off to sleep they would go.  They loved this so much that it became part of their nightly ritual.  They now do it with their children. Who knew that I was stimulating the sleep fibers of their skin?
At Spa Sedona we are introducing the NEW “TRANQUILLITY PRO-SLEEP BODY TREATMENT.” 
This treatment is based on touch that simulates the “C-tactile fibers” of the skin using brushes and light touch to induce sleep.  Call to book 905-686-4955.

A Different Christmas Day

Last year I got to experience a different way people spend their Christmas Day. Every year we spend December 24th with my family in Peterborough, December 25th with my husband’s family and Boxing Day is our family’s Christmas Day. But last year my husband’s family was going away and we would be alone Christmas Day.  I thought it would not be a problem, it was only one day.  Well I thought wrong! By 3:00pm I was starting to feel sad that I was not with family.  So my husband said get dressed we are going out for dinner.  Well, have you ever tried to find a place to eat on Christmas Day?  I had this vision in my head of the movie the Christmas story with the family in the Chinese restaurant.  We finally found a Mandarin Restaurant open but you had to have reservations.  Since there were only 3 of us and it was early they let us in but said we had to eat fast.  I was shocked at the number of people that were there.  It was packed. There were large families all dressed in their Tacky Christmas sweaters, small families bring their elderly Mother or Father out for dinner, couples alone and groups of friends.
This experience made me realize that there are different ways that people spend Christmas and I am so blessed to spend my with my family.
PS – Thank you Mandarin for having a gathering place on Christmas Day so people don’t have to be alone.

May your Christmas and the New Year be filled with love and laughter.

Sherry Robinson and the Staff at Spa Sedona.

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