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There are those places in the world that reassure us and comfort our souls. For Sherry Robinson, that place is Sedona, Arizona, where the rich, red rock and clean desert breezes evoke an unmistakable magic. Inspired by this locale, Sherry opened Spa Sedona, a place where people can escape, relax and recapture that sense of balance which is so often missing in our hurried lives.

Come, indulge, enjoy,
and you will find
your spirit restored.

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    Did you know that we do “Threading” as well as waxing at Spa Sedona? When we hired a new Esthetician, Punita two years ago we didn’t realize that we were getting a very experienced “Threader”. As Punita tells me she has been doing threading for over 25 years and she is fast. I had treading […]

    What it means to be Canadian for Sherry Robinson

    What does it mean to you to be Canadian? I am so very proud to be a Canadian. There is no where I would rather live than in Canada. These are my reasons I love being Canadian: clean air, the beauty of our country, polite people, we don’t lose our home if we have a […]

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