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In my Mother’s Day Newsletter in 2008 is when you first met my Mom, Mary Dunford. She was 90 years old then, and every year after that I always gave a shout out to her on Mother’s Day.

It is with a sad heart that I tell you she passed away September 12th at the age of 98. She passed away very peacefully with her children by her side.

She lived a very long and full life, which everyone strives for. We were so grateful to have her as long as we did. I really thought that because of all these things it would be an easier process when she passed. But it wasn’t, not for any of us kids. There is something about losing your Mother that takes you back to being a child. The pain and sadness is so great, leaving you with such an empty feeling.

Eight years ago we did a video of Mom telling her life story. When we finished we asking her what was her greatest accomplishment in her life. She said, “hands down it would been my 5 kids, they were the joy of my life”.

This love is what we will miss.

Sherry Robinson


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