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The summer of 2020 is a summer we will never forget.  We will forever measure experiences against this time.  You will be saying things like “I remember the time I stood in line for 3 hours for a roll of toilet paper”.

We are now in Phase 3 and open for all our services.  Thank you to everyone who have booked in for services. We really appreciate your support.

Support is what small businesses need to recover from this set back. 

My favourite post on Facebook was a picture of a handmade sign in front of a small business that said “Remember when we supported your kid’s sports teams, school fun fairs plus your Church Bazars and fundraisers with donations?  Now I need your support.”

RBC and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce plus other Canadian companies have joined together to help Canadian Small Businesses called “Canada United”.

 I am proud to support @GoCanadaUnited and their initiative to help local businesses. Visit GoCanadaUnited.ca for more information and show local some love. #CanadaUnited

From Canada United:

Give local businesses your business today, or join us August 28, 29 and 30 for a national Canada United Weekend. We want the country to come out and get inside local shops to help them recover and kickstart our economy.

Thank you for your support.

Sherry Robinson


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