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What a Certified Life Coach can do for you

This month we are offering a session with Certified Life Coach, Sharon Coldwell as part of a package. Some may wonder why we would combine a Life Coach Session with a spa service. But overall wellness means having a balanced life along with physical health.

There are times in our lives that the balance of our life is off. It can be our jobs, family problems, money issues, partners, health and the one women have a big problem with is Personal Growth (time for themselves).   When those times come along, you need support.

When that time came in my corporate life, before Spa Sedona I knew I was not happy in my job. I turned to a Life Coach for help. From the work I put in with the Life Coach, together we came to the realization that I was an Entrepreneur. Being in a controlled corporate environment was always going to be stressful for me and maybe it was time to try something on my own. We also learned that my passion was the Client experience and Spa Sedona was born two years later. Best life balance thing I have ever done. Wellness means life balance, so come have a massage and talk to a Life Coach, do it for your health.


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