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Come support the Small Businesses in our Plaza @ Church St. South

October was “Small Business Month” and hats off to all my Small Business partners. On one of the local radio stations they were encouraging people to frequent their local small businesses.  What a great idea! Why should you buy from local Small Businesses?  Because these business owners live and breathe their businesses.  They truly care for the clients; the client isn’t just a number.

When I created Spa Sedona, it was to build a place where people could come and de-stress even if it was for an hour. Every day I get to see people come in looking like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders,  but when they come back out from their services they look relaxed and calm. Small Business owners SEE their clients.

So come support the businesses in our small plaza here on Church St. South. They are all locally owned. There’s Aunty’s Recipe, two wonderful ladies running this Pizzeria, the pizza and salads are fantastic. How about a great consignment store, The Mulberry Bush. I find lots of great things here. Then there’s Big Daddy’s, you have to try his Poutine. The Honest Crook Convenience store has been in this plaza from the beginning. We also have the famous Ajax Foot Clinic, a Guardian Pharmacy and Goodfellas Barber shop.

Thank you for supporting our Plaza and Spa Sedona.

PS – in November a new Pet grooming shop (Super Mutz)is opening.

Sherry Robinson


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