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Creating my Zen Room

Men have their “Man Cave” what do women have? Every woman should have her own place that is just for her.  

In 2016 I found that I really needed my own space to practice meditation, read and just have a place to run away too. Our spare bedroom was going to become my “Zen Room”. I spent time looking through images of Zen type rooms for decorating ideas. Decorating included my favourite things; pictures of palm trees, birds, soft turquois colours, whites, creams and candles. A comfortable chair for reading, a new comforter, de-cluttered the room, new lamps and padded head board.

This is my space and I love this room. It’s my space to be in the present. It also gives me that space when you just need to get away from everyone and become grounded. The Zen Room has also come in handy when I broke my ankle and needed to sleep with my leg elevated.

Decorate just for you and no one else. This is your space and you deserve it!

PS – the other funny names for this space are She Shed, Women Cave and Vagina Closet. The last made me laugh.


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