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Do you have trouble sleeping?

Try this little exercise.  Type the words “why am I…” into Google.  The first auto complete suggestion, which is based on popular searches, reads “why am I so tired?”

Sleep deprivation has become a global epidemic, with over one-third of adults regularly sleep deprived.
Think of yourself as a car.  Every time you think, speak, imagine, move or sit still, you’re running the engine.  You need fuel (energy) to keep the car going.  But as the fuel burns exhaust fumes build up as pollution.  As we sleep our glymphatic system kicks in and washes away all the pollution, cellular junk and toxic waste with cerebrospinal fluid.
Neuroscience shows that we need 8 hours of quality sleep to maintain a healthy body and mind.
One of the greatest discoveries in skin-brain science was the nerve fiber in skin that senses emotional touch named “C-tactile fiber.” These nerve fibers tell you how you feel, as opposed to what you’ve touched.
These fibers respond to the most gentle of touches.  This touch releases physical tension plus emotional tension.
When my twin boys were in their terrible twos, to calm them down at night I would very gently caress their face and arms.  Off to sleep they would go.  They loved this so much that it became part of their nightly ritual.  They now do it with their children. Who knew that I was stimulating the sleep fibers of their skin?
At Spa Sedona we are introducing the NEW “TRANQUILLITY PRO-SLEEP BODY TREATMENT.” 
This treatment is based on touch that simulates the “C-tactile fibers” of the skin using brushes and light touch to induce sleep.  Call to book 905-686-4955.

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