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Why do some loves last a life time and others not so long? Do you believe in everlasting love, a Soulmate or the perfect one for you? When we meet that someone that makes our heart skip a beat. Is that our Soulmate? When I was a teenager I met the one for me every two weeks. Fun times!

Studies have been done at the University of Toronto suggesting that the idea of a Soulmate is actually the wrong way to start a relationship. It’s actually detrimental to the long-term commitment. The study found that it’s much better to search for the one that will share a lifelong, compromise-filled journey. They found that relationships that were filled with communication, collaboration and constructive conflict resolution were able to sustain a happy and fulfilled relationship despite the relationship not being two Soulmates. So don’t write off that person who does not make your heart pitter patter. They just might be the RIGHT ONE. Look for that person you could build a partnership with.

When I asked my Grandmother what was her secret to her long marriage (60 years) she said “a SHORT MEMORY”.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sherry Robinson

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