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Happy Father’s Day from Spa Sedona

June is always my very favorite month.  The weather, flowers in bloom, the smell of the air, the start of summer, the Anniversary of Spa Sedona (9 years this year), my birthday and Father’s Day. 

Even though my Dad is not here anymore I always feel very close to him in June. I look at my own two sons that are now fathers and how much different the role of Father has changed.  My sons change diapers, dress the kids, feed them, play with them and take them to school.  They do everything that their wives do. My dad did none of these things.  Well he would drive us on the tractor to the highway to catch the bus for school when we got snowed in, so I guess he did take us to school. Curse that tractor!

But one thing that has not changed is the love that my Dad and my sons have for their children.  My Dad always wanted us with him and if you ever need something, he was ALWAYS there.  So I guess there are all kinds of Fathers but one thing they all have in common, the love for their children.
Father Happy Father’s Day

Sherry Robinson
Spa Sedona

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