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It pays to go on holidays and let your mind have a rest.  So let me tell you about the great idea I had while on holidays.
I have been taking my dog, Maggie May to the new dog groomers in our plaza, call “Super Mutz”.  Prior to taking Maggie here she had been afraid every time I took her to the groomers. She would shake and want to stay with me. But not with Sylvia and Rhonda at Super Mutz, Maggie just loves them. 
Here comes my idea. What do ‘you’ do when your dog is having their spa service at the groomers? You come to Spa Sedona for “your” spa service.  If your dog is going to be a little longer than you, relax in our relaxation room and have a cup of our imported tea. It’s called “Spas & Paws”.
This is how it would work.
  Check out our video.


2015-10-10 19.34.06

Maggie May



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