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How do you keep the cost of Christmas under control?

Some of my friends families control their cost by drawing names and setting a limit on what each person spends on the gift. A friend of mine is going through a very big upset in her family because their limit has always been $200 per person.  But my friend is a family of 5 so that means, just for that side of the family they have to spend $1000.  At a family dinner she brought up the idea to lower the limit to $150 per person.  She said a revolution almost broke out and she was afraid she was going to be lynched. Of course it was the single family members that wanted to keep the limit higher.

My husband always says to me, “you have to cut back on Christmas this year” (you would think he would give that up by now). But this year I told my adult children that I was going to cut back on them because they have everything.  One son said that was a good idea, my daughters-in-laws were good with gift cards but the other two reacted like my friend’s family.  You would think I just told them there is no Santa Claus.  They have been giving me a lot of guilt but hopefully I can stick to my plan. But I am weak when it comes to my kids.

If you do need to purchase a gift, a Spa Sedona Gift Card is an excellent idea.  It’s a gift of healthy skin and a healthy body!

To all of you and your families, may your Christmas be filled with joy and happiness, time together to enjoy great food, beautiful decorations and lots of laugher.
Happy Holidays!!

Sherry Robinson and the Staff of Spa Sedona

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