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Living in the Present Moment

When I walk in the morning I listen to Audio books on my iPod. The one I’m listening to now is Echart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”. It is a self-help guide for day to day living. The concept of the book is that we live in the present moment and avoid thoughts of the past or future.   This is easier said than done. As far as the past goes I understand that a lot of people live in the past. If bad things happen to them they hang onto those things and relive them. But what about happy memories, I like to hang onto those. Not living in the future, I do believe that to many people worry about things that never happen. My Grandfather used to say, “Ella (my Grandmother) goes to bed to worry about tomorrow, I go to bed to sleep”. He was living in the moment.   Tolle recommends not multi-tasking, spending time in nature and letting go of worries of the future. Enjoy the moment, which is all we have, the past is gone and we have not lived the future yet. We miss so much when we don’t live in the present. Last week my husband and I were sitting having dinner and the restaurant was across from a daycare. I watched while all the parents came and went picking up their children. One of the things that really bothered me was the number of parents that came out the door of the daycare busy on their phones. Their kids were jumping around excited to see them and the parents were too busy on their phones to notice them. They are not living in the moment and they are missing so much.

Try living in the moment; ask yourself “what am I thinking right now” or “what is my next thought going to be”. Enjoy the moment!

Happy Thanksgiving

Sherry Robinson owner Spa Sedona

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