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How to look your best for your Reunion

Can you go home again? Some say no you can’t but last weekend I went home for the 55 year reunion of our Teen Town. When I was young my best friend was Donny. He now calls himself Don, but he will always be Donny to me. It was like no time had passed and we were back to joking and having fun. Then there was my dear friend Janie who is fighting the fight of her life against the big C. My energy will go out to her every day.

We need to go back. There is something calming about returning to your childhood. It can be listening to music from when you were a teenager. Music can bring back great memories that boost your spirits.

If you have a reunion coming up here is how to plan to go back looking your best: 1) Book a facial about three days before, the Oxygen Facial would be my recommendation if you want to remove wrinkles. 2) You can have your Pedi/Mani done about 2 days before and you are set to go. If you want your Makeup done for the event, book in the morning of the event. Jane Iredale will last all day. We will help you put your best face, hands and feet forward.

Sherry Robinson


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