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March Break – Enjoy your Kids by spending time together at Spa Sedona

I’m reading the biography of Alan Doyle who is a member of the Canadian Band “Great Big Sea” from Newfoundland. He tells about growing up in Petty Harbour in a small house with four siblings. When he grew up and went to St. John’s for University he brought his girlfriend home to Petty Harbour. On the drive back to St. Johns the girlfriend said “I didn’t know you grew up poor”. His thought was “I never thought I was poor”. I just love that line. In his mind he never felt poor. He never went to bed hungry, he had lots of love; his home was full of music and family. As kids everything is bigger and grander than what it actually was and then we grow up. Have you ever gone back to places that you went as a child and it seem so much smaller? Then there were the people you thought were really rich when you were a kid only to find out that was not the case.

Childhood memories are wonderful and we should keep them as long as we can.
Make memories this March Break by spending it with your son or daughter here at Spa Sedona.

Sherry Robinson, Owner Spa Sedona

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