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What it means to be Canadian for Sherry Robinson

What does it mean to you to be Canadian? I am so very proud to be a Canadian. There is no where I would rather live than in Canada. These are my reasons I love being Canadian: clean air, the beauty of our country, polite people, we don’t lose our home if we have a health crisis, it takes 17 times for a Canadian to hear something before we believe it, it’s a safe place to live, we embrace diversity, our Canadian heritage, when other countries are in crisis Canada is there to help, the respect I get when I tell people in other countries that I’m Canadian, maple syrup, poutine, Canadian beer, Canadian humor, CBC, great Canadian actors/comedians and I could go on.

On Canada Day it is our tradition at the cottage that I bake a Canada cake and everyone from the  neighboring cottages come and we all stand and sing Oh Canada. This year we will be singing a little louder. I am so grateful that “we are Canadian”.


By Sherry Robinson owner of Spa Sedona

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