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Need a gift idea for someone that has everything?

I have to share a wonderful idea that one of our clients came up with.  Our client’s Aunt was celebrating her 80th birthday and our client was organizing the party.  Our client came up with the idea of instead of everyone trying to figure out what to get her Aunt, she would let everyone know that she had started a Spa Sedona gift card. All they had to do was call or drop in to Spa Sedona, sign the birthday card and add to the gift card.  It was so much fun.

We enjoyed meeting all the Aunt’s friends, neighbors and relatives.  They all shared a little story about her. They all loved the idea because it took the guessing out of what to get her.  As one neighbor said “what do you get someone that doesn’t need anything, I love this idea”.
The Aunt comes to the Spa regularly and now she will be able to enjoy knowing that her good friends and family are still taking care of her.

Sherry Robinson


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