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Newfoundland Canada’s Treasure

If you were ever thinking of taking a trip to Newfoundland you have to make it a priority.  It is absolutely beautiful there!  The beauty comes not only from the scenery but the people.  My daughter and I went with our friend Cathy who has family in St. John’s.  We stayed with her cousin Mark and his wife Kelly. Her Aunt Linda and Uncle Norm live across the road.  What wonderful people, not only did they welcome in two extra people but they picked us up at the airport at3:30AM!

Every morning at 9:30am Aunt Linda would ring over to tell us breakfast was ready.  She wanted to give us a taste of Newfoundland. She made eggs in a cast iron frying pan, best eggs ever! We had fish cakes, fried bologna (Newfie steak) and pudding (not what you think).  Cousin Mark knew all the history of St. John’s and took us to all the popular places. We noticed that everywhere we went, people seemed to know him. We were surprised to find out Mark was a local celebrity and is a member of the well-known Newfoundland band Shanneyganock. Music is a big part of the Newfoundland culture and we loved going to the bars to listen to the bands (honest it was for the bands).  I am grateful to the Hiscock family, the beautiful island of Newfoundland and for being Canadian.

PS – They would not hear of us calling a taxi and took us back to the airport at 3AM.
Newfie hospitality at its best!

Sherry Robinson, Owner of Spa Sedona

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