Welcome to summer, a time for vacation, sun, golf, cottage fun and a lot more time outside.

Sunscreen has become so important to protecting our skin during the summer weather. When I was at the hairdresser last week I heard another client describing how her sunscreen was running into her eyes when she was sweating and how much it hurt.

That is always a big problem with liquid or even spray Sunscreen. Golfers always complain about this.

The sunscreen I recommend and love is the Jane Iredale “Powder-Me SPF”.   It’s a dry sunscreen SPF 30. It doesn’t run into your eyes or come off when you sweat. Plus Dry Sunscreen is so much easier to put on.

This summer Jane Iredale has come out with a new shade of the Powder-Me SPF called NUDE. It has now become my favourite shade and is completely invisible on my skin.

Jane Iredale foundations and BB creams all have an SPF of 25. This provides protection to your face on a daily bases. Jane was a pioneer in making sure SPF was in her makeup.

Enjoy your summer and remember to protect you skin.