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There is something to be said for older women.  I’m not just saying that because I am one, but because of what I have learned from older women since I opened Spa Sedona over 10 years ago. Older women have more wisdom, better understanding of what they want, better understanding of what is important in the big picture of things and they know they have to put themselves first before they can help others.  Older women know when to say no, they know the importance of having women friends, and they know how to laugh.  Older women come for regular facials and massages, they bring their friends to chat and relax with them at the spa.

Did I say they know when to say “no”? This was the one thing that took me the longest to learn. When asked to join a committee, chair a group, babysit, be at every event for family and friends, I would do them all.  When it became overwhelming I knew that I had to say no, I had run out of time for myself.  It was very liberating the first time I said no.  It’s ok to say no sometimes and to say yes to yourself. 

Sherry Robinson

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