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Why is “the power of touch” so important?

There is a Pampers commercial on TV of a new born baby being put in the mother’s arms. Every mother remembers that first touch so well. Touch, is one of the first sense that we develop as a human being from that first touch. It got me thinking that there really is a history of “the power of touch”. It starts with that first touch; the touch of holding our father’s hand as a child; the feel of being tucked into bed; the first time someone you love touches your hand; the first kiss as husband and wife; the first time your child or grandchild wraps their little hand around you finger.

As human beings we need to be touched to keep us healthy. That is why I love being in the touch business. As we age we don’t get touched enough. But healthy people know that coming for a pedicure, facial or massage makes them feel good because they are being touched. Do you know how much I have to bug my husband for an hour foot rub? I’m lucky to get 5 minutes! How is touch keep you healthy? It releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and reduces stress. So come and let us give you your touch therapy for the month.

Don’t wait; book an appointment for a healthier you for 2018.

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