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Could what we put on our skin be harmful?

Before going into the spa industry I had no idea how important what we use on our skin was. I didn’t know what we should or should not use, but I was not alone. We now know that the toxins in foods, cleaners, cigarettes and the air are all harmful to our body. Just like these things, when we apply skin care products it is absorbed into our bodies. The cosmetics industry had toxins in their products for years and some still do. So it is very important that you read the label when using anything on your skin. Stay away from parabens, synthetic colours, phthalates and a company’s “secret formula” because they can hide toxins in this formula.

I am so proud to be dealing with ethical companies like [comfort zone] from Italy for our skin care that moved to paraben free years ago. Also the JEWEL of Makeup Lines, “Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup”.   Jane started her company as a pure makeup line for the health of women’s skin fifteen years ago. She is a pioneer.

At Spa Sedona we are always looking out for you and picking products that are healthy for your skin. Happy New Year.

 Sherry Robinson

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