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September – New Beginnings

Even though I don’t have kids going back to school I still have that excited feeling of a new beginning when it comes to this time of year.  September always brings new beginnings: a new school, new friends, new sports teams, new clothes, new shoes, new backpack.  Buying my kids their new clothes for going back to school was my favorite thing.  My boys let me buy their clothes without question except for one year. 

Because I have a sister who lives in Buffalo I would always go there for back to school shopping. One year I purchased matching pants and jackets for the boys, one in bright red and the other in royal blue.  Let’s say they were a little ahead of their time, the pants were baggy and hung down off their hips. They never said anything but they only wore them once!

These are my boys now, I guess I didn’t damage them too much!

2015-07-24 08.41.59
Enjoy your new beginning this September.



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