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Do you suffer from cramps in your legs in the night? I have the solution for you.

I came across a product that I highly recommend for leg cramps, stiffness in joints and joint pain. Recently I had a problem of waking in the night with cramps in my lower legs. Plus when I woke in the morning my lower leg would be sore.

One of our product lines is CryoDerm which the RMT’s recommend for muscle pain. CryoDerm has now come out with “Magnesium Calming Cream”. The ingredients are Dead Sea Salts & Minerals, MSM, Arnica, Boswellia, & Ilex. Magnesium is derived from Pure Dead Sea Salts and delivers 80% of elemental Magnesium through the skin, unlike Magnesium supplements where only 4% of the Magnesium may be absorbed by the body.

I first started using the Magnesium Calming Cream for my broken ankle when it would swell or stiffen which worked fantastic. After a few nights with the leg cramps, I gave the Magnesium Calming Cream a try. It was amazing, stopped the pain of the cramp and no pain in the morning. Plus I’m not getting cramps as often.

We just received more stock so drop in and pick up a bottle. Price is $38 for a 4oz bottle

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