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Is a “Spa Day” a good type of Vacation?

“YES” say the  stress experts. This past week there was an article about vacations and if they were good for us? It said that after we come back from vacation we are even more stressed. I just got back from a weeks’ vacation and I think they are right. First day back I locked myself out of my house when my purse handle caught the door and locked it; I picked up my laptop that I had left for repair only to find out that I had to get a new laptop. Getting a new laptop isn’t the problem; it’s the downloading of all your information, then trying to find everything again, now that is stress!

The thing about vacations is you feel good when you are on them but preparing to go and getting back increases your stress way more than if we stayed home.  In the article experts recommend taking shorter vacation, extending weekends and even the one day getaways i.e. a trip to the spa. This type of vacation is less stressful and just as beneficial.

Sherry Robinson
Owner Spa Sedona

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