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The Changing face of the Caregiver

It didn’t seem that long ago when my Mother was the caregiver for my Father after his stroke. My mother spent day and night caring for him. She never took time for herself. She never had family or friends come in and help her.   I don’t think it was something she did to be the martyr, but rather she thought that was what was expected of her.

I met a woman at the spa that was a caregiver to her husband who had had a stroke. She talked about how it was very important to her to make sure she took care of herself. She could not look after her husband if she did not take care of herself first. She does things for herself that keep her positive, healthy and fit. She accepted support from family and friends when offered. She also used the different support groups and agencies out there for caregivers to give her a break when she needs it.

This is the age of the new caregivers, giving care to themselves first. Then they can care for others. It’s great to see this change. If you are a caregiver, take time to care for yourself. Book a massage or even a pedicure to give you that time for yourself and to experience the relaxation of touch.

Putting yourself first is not selfish it’s smart!

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