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The Miracle of Magnesium Cream

When I broke my ankle 5 years ago, the specialist told me that my chance of getting arthritis in that ankle was something I should watch for. So, I started looking for natural ways I could prevent that. A recommendation from a Naturopath was an anti-inflammatory like Magnesium or Arnica. I knew about Arnica and had taken it orally after my surgery for speeding up healing and for pain.
We have carried CryoDerm for many years, which is very popular – our RMTs recommend it for muscle pain. Arnica is in this product and I use it for leg cramps at night or on the plane when traveling.
Then CryoDerm came out with a Magnesium Calming Cream with Arnica in it. I started using it on my broken ankle about 4 years ago and it is now part of my nightly routine.
Some of the things I’ve noticed since starting the Magnesium cream is that I have no signs of arthritis or pain, the skin in that area is smoother than my other leg, I sleep better, and read that magnesium cream helps you sleep if you put it on the bottom of your feet, and whenever one of the joints in my hand is aching and use the cream on it – the pain stops.
  • Topical Magnesium absorbs faster into your system than oral Magnesium.
  • CryoDerm’s Magnesium Calming Cream has Magnesium from Dead Sea Salts & Minerals, MSM, Arnica, Boswellia and ILEX.
I really wanted to share this with all of you, in the hopes that it could help you too.

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