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The Power of Meditation

Do you know the power of meditation? We often hear about the power of meditation and how good it is for us. Some of the benefits are: reduces blood pressure, relaxes us, helps us sleep better, reduces stress, controls anxiety, improves learning, memory and self-awareness just to name a few.

During my recovery from a broken ankle I had a lot of time sitting around communicating with people from around the world that had a broken ankle (Facebook group). One of the people on the site recommended an App called “Insight Timer”. It is a guided meditation App and has over 15000 meditations. It gives a list of different purposes for the meditation i.e. sleep, love, mindfulness, anxiety, pain, happiness and a lot more. The good thing about the App is that it’s free. I now meditate at night and in the morning with this App and it has been a wonderful tool.

Meditation is one way to reduce stress but don’t forget that massage and human touch works as well. We have you covered for that.

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