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The Snow Storm of January 2022

Living in Canada, we should expect a big snow storm now and then. “The Snow Storm of January 2022” will go down in history as one of the best. The thing I loved the most about that storm, was the next day. When the sun came out, the sky was a clear, cloudless, crystal blue, and it was magical… until I had to try to get out of my unplowed street.
Our big snow storm reminded me so much of the snow we used to get as a kid. Our farm was down a side road and when it snowed, my Dad would have to drive me up to the highway on the tractor to catch the school bus. That really impressed the boys on the bus – at least that’s what I told myself. It never mattered how much snow we got, we still had to go to school. There was no such thing as a “snow day”.
February has lots of things to look forward to: more restrictions lifted, Family Day, Valentine’s Day, and maybe another snow day.

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