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Why you will love Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

When you find something great, you tell EVERYONE. Now this may sound like an advertisement for the Spa but it’s not. I just love telling everyone about Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. I have been using Jane for over 10 years now. I have met Jane Iredale herself who is a pretty amazing women.

We are much more aware today than 10 years ago that what we put on our skin can be bad for us. Your skin absorbs chemicals, dyes and preservatives the same as if you swallow them. Also we are much more aware of wearing SPF to protect our skin from sun damage. Jane was ahead of her time. She wanted Makeup that was healthy for your skin and not just a cover.

Here are the reasons Jane Makeup is so much better for you:

  1. Four in one – foundation, powder, concealer & sunscreen
  2. SPF – instant chemical-free sun protection
  3. Fast, weightless Coverage-doesn’t fade, crease or smear
  4. Oil–free-allows the skin to breath
  5. Minimum allergy risk-no perfume, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, or fillers like talc
  6. Coverage concentrated pigment-you only need a little for full coverage
  7. Adhere – stays all day long
  8. Anti-inflammatory – great for people with acne or rosacea
  9. Cannot support bacteria
  10. Highest quality in the industry
  11. That’s my spiel. I’ve converted lots of you but I want more.


Sherry Robinson


Jane Iredale and Me

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