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Women really know how to do it right!

This year I got my first set of new golf clubs.  I had always had my husband’s hand me downs. My husband did not see the need for me to get new clubs. His reasoning was that I didn’t golf enough to get a new set. Well, I had a different opinion.  I went out and purchased a top of the line set. So there!
With my new set of clubs I joined a women’s golf league for the first time.  Little did I know that it was going to cost me more than just the membership?  First I get out there and all the women have these fancy push carts for their clubs. So I had to go out and get one of those. Next was the really cute golf outfits, had to get a couple of those. Then there were all the other things, the holder for your water to keep it cold, tees shaped like a martini glass, fancy ball markers that clip to your hat and not to mention the clubs I didn’t have.
Well I’m all decked out and my husband thinks I’ve gone overboard. 

He should never have said I didn’t need a new set of golf clubs!  When are they going to learn?
Have a great summer.

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