When do you make yourself a priority?

When do people have that “Ah Ha moment” when they realize they have to take care of themselves first? Is it a Pandemic, a personal life changing event or a mind-altering thought?

Last week, one of our clients told me about her “ah ha moment”. This client I have known for years, for her privacy I’ll call her Carol.  Carol has a very busy life, caring for aging parents, community & charity involvement, busy social schedule and caring for family. Carol admitted to me that she had never made time for herself. She would come to the spa but only if she needed a pedicure for a special occasion. But since Covid and a personal life changing event she has started to come regularly.  “I’m addicted to this place” Carol said. She realized it was time to start making herself a priority. Carol found that she felt so much better after a service and decided she needed to do this regularly for her selfcare.

Carol’s conversation made me feel so good because that is exactly what I want for all our clients. When you come for services, yes you look good after but you also have the health benefit of the “the power of touch therapy” that supports your mental health and makes you feel good.  

Let’s give thanks this Thanksgiving for those “ah ha moments” and make your wellbeing a priority.



Thank you for those who responded to last month’s Newsletter saying you found the information on Sunscreen useful.

After much investigation we found the sunscreen that covers everything we were looking for. Always keeping in mind, it had to be safe for you and the planet while keeping you protected from the sun.




Broad Spectrum

SPF 30 & 45 Tinted

Water Resistant (40 minutes & 80 minutes)

Has an expire date

Marini Sunscreen is one of the top-rated brands. We compared this brand to other top-rated Sunscreens and it had the best application, absorbsion, less white residue and the tinted sunscreen colour did not come off on clothes like some of the others.

Even though we are coming to the end of our summer season you still need sunscreen on your face and neck. Please come and give our Marini Physical Protectant a try.  Even though this is a Face and Neck Sunscreen, I would highly recommend you use it on the backs of your hands as well.

What you need to know about Sunscreen

What do you know about Sunscreen?

After doing a deep dive into researching for a sunscreen brand to carry, I have to say – I knew very little.
Chemical Sunscreens often contain ingredients that are not only harmful to humans, but also, unsurprisingly, to aquatic life and coral reels as well. Many countries around the world have banned sunscreens containing a list of common chemical sun filters in order to prevent further damage.

This is what you need to look for when purchasing a protective and safe Sunscreen. Look for these words on the box:
  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection: UVA rays gives you wrinkles, UVB rays gives you a sunburn.
  • Mineral/Natural or Physical: This means it’s made from natural products and does not harm you or the environment. Example; Zinc Oxide or Titanium dioxide as the active ingredients that reflect the sun.
  • Water Resistant: This means it will not come off in water for a certain length of time or mix with your sweat to sting our eyes.
  • Expiry Date: With natural ingredients there MUST be an expiry date.
  • SPF #: This is the percentage of UVB rays that get blocked:
            • SPF 15 blocks 94%
            • SPF 30 blocks 97%
            • SPF 50 blocks 98%
You still have to reapply all the levels after 2 hours or after swimming or sweating. You must use 2 tablespoons of sunscreen product on each application to be protected.

No sunscreen protects you from 100% of the sun’s rays, so it’s important to plan your clothing, hats and other barriers carefully..
You don’t always need Sunscreen for the body and you can purchase for Face & Neck only.
Also look for sunscreen in your makeup. This has a dual purpose that is very handy. If you are using our Jane Iredale BB Cream, it has SPF 25, our Amazing Base & PurePressed Base has SPF 20 and our Dry Sunscreen has SPF 30.

We’ve got you covered!

Pro Tip: Protect the backs of your hands by putting BB Cream, Amazing Base or PurePressed Base on the back of your hand when you are getting ready in the morning.

“Touch Therapy”

I just returned from the “Leading Spas of Canada” conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  At the Conference we heard about trends and other related changes in our industry.  We heard how the Pandemic has affected our client’s Mental Health and that they are looking for new ways to take care of themselves. The big trend is WELLNESS.  People now perceive their visit to the spa as looking after their overall wellness, compared to before the pandemic when the word they used was “pampering”. Clients see their spa visit as ‘self-care’ and have no guilt in booking an appointment. Their well-being is worth it.

Touch Therapy is now being recognized as Health Care Excellence for Mental Health Support.

With these new trends in mind, you are going to see new “Touch Therapy” services in the future. A great way to add that Touch Therapy?  Add a 30 minute relaxation massage to your waxing.  A little WOO! and then AHH!

WaySpa Gift Card will no Longer be Redeemed

Spa Sedona will no longer be accepting WaySpa gift cards. Please see our “Monthly Specials” page for discounted Packages and Facial for this month.

Our Gift Cards can be purchased online or at the Spa, gift wrapped and a special free gift is included.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Client Appreciation Day June 15th, 2022

This June we really do have a lot to celebrate beside the beautiful weather and Father’s Day.  We can actually see Dad; the kids can now celebrate their Graduations and Proms; we can travel again; have family gatherings; go on trip to friend’s cottage; day trips; weddings; sporting events.  Like the Joni Mitchell song says, “You don’t know what you’re got until it’s gone.”  

We do really appreciate being fully open again and see all your beautiful faces again.  We are back to full staff again to serve you. Our locker rooms are open and our snacks and tea are ready for you.

To celebrate being back together again, please join us for your Client Appreciation Day June 15th.

Grand Opening June 15th 2006


The Customer Experience 2022

When I started Spa Sedona almost 16 years ago it was all about the customer experience.  That had always been my passion, the customer experience.  How did the experience make me feel, in a store, hotel, restaurant or even on the phone?  Did I walk away going “Wow, that was a great customer experience”.  Or was it just a transaction with no experience.

I wanted to create a place where people walked away going “that was a great spa experience and I can’t wait to come back”.

Since March 17, 2020 we have not been able to give you all the special things that made our Spa Sedona experience special. Things like our delicious imported Teas like Cranberry Hibiscus; our snacks to go with the tea; our locker rooms; our cozy robes; lunch with our packages; bringing your own wine to enjoy with a service; hosting the parties, girls’ night out, baby showers, bridal parties etc; or relaxing in our relaxation room as long as you wanted too. Long sigh….

So, rest assured that as soon as we can bring all of these things back, we are there!

Happy 2022!!

Local Businesses need you this Holiday Season

If you are anything like me you are looking forward to having a more NORMAL Christmas compared to last year.  Having 3 people for Christmas Dinner instead of the usual 12 is not the same experience.

Business hopefully will be a lot different too.  There has been reports on the news that people may not go back to their local businesses.  The reasoning being people have gotten used to shopping the big box stores that were allowed to remain open when Small Business were forced to close. When I heard this, I thought “crap, I just when out and got more winter accessories.”

Even before I heard this, I had been making a point of buying locally and only using Amazon when I couldn’t get the item in a local store.

So, when you are spending those Christmas dollars, please keep us mind for Gift Cards and gifts.

How many of us practice Mindfulness?

This practice was something I came across when looking for ways to deal with anxiety and panic. 

It really is like the “stop and smell the roses” which we all know is good for us. Mindfulness is being in the present.  The future has not yet happened and the pass is in the past. So, we only live in the present.  We worry about things that could happen in the future or agonize about things that happened in the past that we should have done differently. Mindfulness shows us that we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future and we can’t change things that happened in the past.

In our busy lives we don’t slow down enough to be in the present.  Learning how to be mindful is taking the time to stop, take a deep breath, exhale and look around.  What do you see? How do you feel? What do you smell?  

There are other wonderful times to be in the present, stopping to admire a sunset, watching our children play, watching a puppy being silly, meditation, walking in nature, listening to music and taking time for yourself.

Have a mindful day.

The Difference a Sign Makes

In September we had a new sign installed.  I had never been really happy with my signage, the signage had never given Spa Sedona a strong presence.  When you were giving people directions, they always had a problem seeing the business even when they pulled into the parking lot.  Well, that is not a problem now!

Since the sign went up, we had people come in wanting to know how long we had been here and when we say 16 years, they are shocked.

Spa Sedona’s Marketing has always been “word of mouth” and it has been very successful for us. 

But now our new signage can boldly tell everyone who we are!



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