The Customer Experience 2022

When I started Spa Sedona almost 16 years ago it was all about the customer experience.  That had always been my passion, the customer experience.  How did the experience make me feel, in a store, hotel, restaurant or even on the phone?  Did I walk away going “Wow, that was a great customer experience”.  Or was it just a transaction with no experience.

I wanted to create a place where people walked away going “that was a great spa experience and I can’t wait to come back”.

Since March 17, 2020 we have not been able to give you all the special things that made our Spa Sedona experience special. Things like our delicious imported Teas like Cranberry Hibiscus; our snacks to go with the tea; our locker rooms; our cozy robes; lunch with our packages; bringing your own wine to enjoy with a service; hosting the parties, girls’ night out, baby showers, bridal parties etc; or relaxing in our relaxation room as long as you wanted too. Long sigh….

So, rest assured that as soon as we can bring all of these things back, we are there!

Happy 2022!!

Local Businesses need you this Holiday Season

If you are anything like me you are looking forward to having a more NORMAL Christmas compared to last year.  Having 3 people for Christmas Dinner instead of the usual 12 is not the same experience.

Business hopefully will be a lot different too.  There has been reports on the news that people may not go back to their local businesses.  The reasoning being people have gotten used to shopping the big box stores that were allowed to remain open when Small Business were forced to close. When I heard this, I thought “crap, I just when out and got more winter accessories.”

Even before I heard this, I had been making a point of buying locally and only using Amazon when I couldn’t get the item in a local store.

So, when you are spending those Christmas dollars, please keep us mind for Gift Cards and gifts.

How many of us practice Mindfulness?

This practice was something I came across when looking for ways to deal with anxiety and panic. 

It really is like the “stop and smell the roses” which we all know is good for us. Mindfulness is being in the present.  The future has not yet happened and the pass is in the past. So, we only live in the present.  We worry about things that could happen in the future or agonize about things that happened in the past that we should have done differently. Mindfulness shows us that we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future and we can’t change things that happened in the past.

In our busy lives we don’t slow down enough to be in the present.  Learning how to be mindful is taking the time to stop, take a deep breath, exhale and look around.  What do you see? How do you feel? What do you smell?  

There are other wonderful times to be in the present, stopping to admire a sunset, watching our children play, watching a puppy being silly, meditation, walking in nature, listening to music and taking time for yourself.

Have a mindful day.

The Difference a Sign Makes

In September we had a new sign installed.  I had never been really happy with my signage, the signage had never given Spa Sedona a strong presence.  When you were giving people directions, they always had a problem seeing the business even when they pulled into the parking lot.  Well, that is not a problem now!

Since the sign went up, we had people come in wanting to know how long we had been here and when we say 16 years, they are shocked.

Spa Sedona’s Marketing has always been “word of mouth” and it has been very successful for us. 

But now our new signage can boldly tell everyone who we are!



Feathered Luxuries Strip Lashes

It has been great seeing everyone coming through our doors.  Thank you so much.

We can now remove the mask to do your facials and we are so excited. 

While you were gone, I went looking for something new.  For a while we were doing lash extensions, but I loved the look of the lashes but didn’t want to invest that amount of time to get them put on. Plus they didn’t last long.  On a show I was watching, Jane Fonda showed what she really looked like under the makeup to her new younger boyfriend as she pulled off her strip lashes.  “That’s what I want!” Strip Lashes not the younger boyfriend.  After trying them and gluing my eye lids together I got discouraged.  But I had purchased them at the local drug store so what did I expect. I started my search for an upscale brand and found them.  They are called Feathered Luxuries Strip Lashes.  There is no glue, you simply apply the Eyeliner, put the strip lash along the eyeliner, it adheres and they last all day.  They look fantastic and easy to apply and take off. You are to get 40 wears from a set. But I will warn you, remember to take them off when you go to bed.  I woke up and screamed thinking I had a spider on my pillow.

Be well.


“Making it an experience”.

Have you noticed when you have been out to a patio since our reopening that more of our regular places are really making our visit an experience not just a visit?  It’s good to see.

Since I’ve opened Spa Sedona 15 years ago (yes, we missed the 15-year anniversary celebration on June 15th2021). I have always tried to create an excellent customer experience.  The robes, tea, snacks, decorations, comfort, locker rooms, music and of course a great staff to take care of you. 

We Reopen June 30th but we still have restrictions but we can’t wait to get the go ahead from the health department to reopen our locker rooms plus serve our delicious teas and snacks; hopefully soon.

We can’t wait to welcome you back.  We have missed you so very much.


It is hard to imagine that we are back in lockdown the same as last year. When we closed March 17th 2020, I remember how devastated I felt, laying my staff off, closing the doors, canceling your appointments… then everything went silent.  There was a sick feeling we all had. June 19th came and we could fully open back up and it felt so good.  But on December 26th we closed again except for the Registered Massage Therapists. Again, that sick feeling. Then February 16th we were opened again, we felt good to be back.  But April 6th closed again, except for the RMTs. Again, that sick feeling.

You would think that by the 3rd time, it would be “here we go again and we will be fine when we reopen like before”.  But no, you still have that sick feeling. That feeling has always been that underlying FEAR of “the what if”?

We want to thank all of you that came back each time we reopened.  Just know, we will be here to welcome you back with open arms…. well maybe a virtual hug. Can’t wait! Target date is the end of May, we will keep you posted.



Spring is officially here and I must say the winter was not all that bad.  I think it was because we had all our Canadian Snowbirds staying home for the winter and they brought us the warm weather.

What are you looking forward to this Spring? Sitting on a patio, going to the cottage, walks down by the lake or being able to gather with family and not freeze your tush off?

Put me down for all of the above.  When meeting a friend for a walk down by the lake on one of our warm days, I was amazed at all the people who you knew were family, (masked on) going for a walk together, it was so good to see. 

Bring on the HOT weather!!

Happy Easter Everyone.




How has everyone been, have you felt that you have been under house arrest without the ankle monitor?

We are so grateful to be in a business that supports people’s Mental Health.

Our Mental Health wellbeing has been on everyone’s minds. We are not meant to be away from family, not to be able to hug people, not to be social, not to laugh together.   We are human beings; we need physical touch and social interaction to be healthy!

These are some of the things that I use to support my Mental Health.

  • Meditation – I use Insight Timer, a free App on my phone. It has free guided meditations; morning and night.
  • Journaling – in my 5 Minute Journal purchased from Amazon: morning and night
  • Deep breathing when things feel like they are closing in. Short inhale, long slow exhale: 3-4 of these when needed.
  • Walking Maggie outside is the best but when weather does not permit the treadmill has to do. Maggie is sad.
  • In January when we had 3 weeks without sun, I could feel myself going down the rabbit hole. I purchased a SAD Light for light therapy. Best purchase ever! Verilux $52.97 on Amazon. Good for our Snowbirds that could not get south.
  • Watch funny movies and laugh out loud.

It’s worth the effort, take care of yourself. Be well.



We are welcoming 2021 and even though it is not getting off to the start we were hoping for, it is a new beginning. 

My wish for the new year is that our Estheticians can join our RMTs and come back to work on January 23rd and that it will be our last lockdown ever.  My positive thinking last April, when I put up the Easter decorations, didn’t work out as I had planned but this time, I’m hoping it’s different.

My second wish for the new year is that we get to celebrate milestone events again. Like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. The event that I’m looking forward to is my oldest granddaughter Charley becoming a teenager. I’m not happy about it, but she has turned into such a beautiful young lady inside and out. 

Whatever 2021 brings, my wish is that you find the things that bring you joy and happiness.

Happy New Year!

Sherry Robinson

Spa Sedona



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