Posting this May Blog, I am quite certain we will not be open in May.  But things are starting to look up so that is positive.

Thank you to all of you that have ordered product and took advantage of the curbside pickup on Mondays.  Please continue to call or email for your products, also if you see any of the spring items that you want please let us know and you can purchase them as well. I’m posting pictures of the spring fashions on the Spa Sedona Facebook and Instagram.

May 10th marks Mother’s Day and we would normally have everything ready for the big day at the Spa.  We do have two options for you to purchase your Spa Sedona Gift Card for your Mother or wife.  1) Click here for Mother’s Day Gift Card or go to website, print the gift certificate there and purchase the Gift Card using your credit card 2) or you can call or email the Spa and leave your request, we will call you for your method of payment, put the Gift Card in our gift bag, you can pick it up curbside on Friday May 8th.  If you can’t pick it up and your Mom/Wife lives in the Ajax/Pickering area, we will deliver the gift to her.

Even though these are not ideal times, we still need to tell those Moms and Wives that we love them.

Enjoy the spring weather and remember we can’t wait to reopen and take care of you again real soon.


As I write this Blog, we are closing down the Spa for two weeks to do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. It is a very unprecedented times. UPDATE – we have just been informed that we are a non-essential service and now will be closed until April 8th.

Everyone has been touched by this Pandemic, parents with children off school and no day care, workers that are unable to work and worried about their income, Big Businesses, and Small Businesses.

As a Small Business owner, I have been through an ice storm at my busiest time of year, Christmas, a fire that shut us down for 4 days, a horrific tragedy that rocked our world to the core.

My fears have always been for the health and well-being of our clients and staff. But this is bigger than just us and we have to look at the big picture. We have to do what’s best for everyone.

We will survive this; we will stop this virus but it will take all of us to do it.  Be SAFE.


It is March Break time again! Since I have always had teachers in our family, March Break has always been a time for family vacations. Most expensive time to go away, which I remind my teachers in the family.

Being with family is such a gift. It’s not as much of what we do but that we are together. The tropical vacations are nice but this year I am considering going way outside the box and go ice fishing with my family. I’ll let you know how that works out.

The Staycation is still very popular with everyone and Spa Sedona is always here to create that time away for you.

Please remember to join us March 14th to Donate to Horizon House on behalf of our Krissy.





When making up the packages for Valentine’s Day month, the one Package was the Romance Package. The more I thought about it the more I thought that this package would appeal to a limited number of our clients. Romance meant it was for a romantic involved couple. But there are more types of love than romantic. There is love for a best friend, a sister or brother, daughter or son. Or it could be someone that you just love being together with, a neighbour, a sorority sister, co-worker, another parent, member of your church or a friend.

So we are celebrating at Spa Sedona the Month of LOVE. Our hope for you this February is that your life is blessed with all types of LOVE. And don’t forget LOVE for yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day

PS – I changed it to the “TOGETHER PACKAGE”.

This is me and my son Jeff.




When we think of giving a Spa Gift Card for a present at Christmas, do we think we are giving a gift of pampering or improving someone’s health?

In the past people did think that a gift of “a trip to the Spa” was a pampering treat.

But things have changed. We now understand that the “power of touch” is way more than just pampering. The “power of touch” has health benefits such as, lowering your blood pressure, releases endorphins in the brain to make us feel good, relaxes tense muscles and much more.

Seniors are who I see benefiting from the “power of touch” the most. Whether it’s a Pedicure, Manicure, Massage or Facial, it’s good for their health.

You are giving more than a gift, you are giving Health and Well-being.

To all our wonderful Guests

Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday



It’s that time of year again when I remind you that if you do not use your Health benefit for massage you will lose it by the end of the year.

Part of your health benefits may include Massage by a Registered Massage Therapist. Insurance companies have realized that Massage is beneficial to the health of their clients.

Here are some of the benefits of massage:

1) Increases circulation to ease muscle pain

2) Reduces tension & stress

3) Relieves Anxiety & Depression

4) Improves sleep

5) Relieves posture stress from sitting

6) Lowers Blood Pressure

So do something good for yourself!

We are booking up fast and spaces are becoming limited. Book today and try to be flexible for daytime appointments as most nights and Saturdays are taken.


At Christmas you have heard me say that giving an “Experience” rather than “stuff” has become what more and more people are wanting. Giving the gift of a Spa Experience gives them a memory and a health benefit.

Taking my own advice, instead of giving my grandkids “toys and stuff” I would take them on a trip. I decided when each of my grandkids turn 11 years old I would take them to Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Florida. This past week was our first trip with my oldest granddaughter, Charley and my daughter, Stephanie. We had a fantastic time. To quote Charley on our return “This trip was a life experience, I am so glad that this could all happen with you! Love you so much!”

It was all worth it to see those words in her text. We created a memory that we will always have.


Do you suffer from cramps in your legs in the night? I have the solution for you.

I came across a product that I highly recommend for leg cramps, stiffness in joints and joint pain. Recently I had a problem of waking in the night with cramps in my lower legs. Plus when I woke in the morning my lower leg would be sore.

One of our product lines is CryoDerm which the RMT’s recommend for muscle pain. CryoDerm has now come out with “Magnesium Calming Cream”. The ingredients are Dead Sea Salts & Minerals, MSM, Arnica, Boswellia, & Ilex. Magnesium is derived from Pure Dead Sea Salts and delivers 80% of elemental Magnesium through the skin, unlike Magnesium supplements where only 4% of the Magnesium may be absorbed by the body.

I first started using the Magnesium Calming Cream for my broken ankle when it would swell or stiffen which worked fantastic. After a few nights with the leg cramps, I gave the Magnesium Calming Cream a try. It was amazing, stopped the pain of the cramp and no pain in the morning. Plus I’m not getting cramps as often.

We just received more stock so drop in and pick up a bottle. Price is $38 for a 4oz bottle


I’m reading the book “Grain Brian” which is about the effects of Gluten on your brain. I was surprised to read that Gluten is used in other things other than food, such as Medications, beauty products and vitamins. Gluten in beauty product is what caught my eye.

Over 8 years ago I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity after being tested for food allergies for the crippling fatigue I was suffering from. Once on a gluten free diet other things changed, my heart burn went away, bloating went away and the fatigue was a thing of the past.

The thought that gluten is in my beauty products was scary and I went directly to my suppler to find out if our [comfort zone] and Jane Iredale is gluten free. This was their response:

“Of course!   Yes, [comfort zone] is gluten free, paraben free and chemical free.  What sets [comfort zone] apart from other “natural” skincare brands we believe is the science and research behind it.   Many “natural” brands are just that, natural ingredients in a face cream, but are they working together to provide results?  Also, as you know, the products and treatments are developed to work for your mind, body and soul.  From the Tranquillity welcome and massage techniques, so it is a wellness experience that will also give great results!”

Jane Iredale is also gluten free, paraben free and chemical free as well.”

You can rest assured our products and treatments are healthy for your skin, even from gluten.


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