Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas everyone.

This is always our busy time of year at the spa. It starts on November 12th when the decorations go up. The joys of being in retail, but not quite as bad as Costco who have theirs out in August. Then on December 6th we have our Christmas open house/Client Appreciation including the Christmas Treat Table. That means baking for me, shortbread cookies, maple fudge and a few new Christmas cookies. Over the years I have gotten to know your other favorites like Turtles, Toffifays and chocolate covered Almonds.

Like you and your family’s Christmas traditions, we have ours with you. We look forward every year to sharing with you the joy of this festive season.

Season Greetings



Did you know that changes of season means changes in your skin?

Because this is true, I have always tried to match our Monthly Specials with what your skin needs are at that time of the year. If you are not a regular facial person i.e. every 4-6 weeks you should have a facial with the changes of the season.

This month and last I have put the Microdermabrasion Treatment on special because we all have a lot of dead skin that does not drop off after the summer. Dead skin gets into the lines in the face making them look more prominent; causes unevenness of the skin tone; sunspots look darker.

We love the results we are seeing with the new Microdermabrasion machine. Plus the clients are so pleased.

Sherry Robinson at Spa Sedona


Life Lessons

Just when you thought you had been given a few life lessons you didn’t expect, BAM, you get another one! On August 29th I broke my ankle in two places and had to have surgery to put in a plate and 7 screws. I slipped on a wet ramp putting my golf clubs away.

I have been non weight bearing since the surgery but have now been put in an air boot and can start partial weight bearing. Not having my mobility has been a tough pill to swallow but I have learned a lot.

These are some of the lessons:

patience, I had none before and now I have to let others help me; my family and friends are wonderful; some people have a hard time when you have a problem and don’t bother with you; don’t push yourself and take time to heal; ask for help when you need it; meditation helps; keep yourself in a positive mindset, if that means watching funny shows do it, it’s very easy to get down when you are not mobile.

Soon as I get back to work full time I’m going for a massage, pedicure and facial. Touch is a great healer.

The Changing face of the Caregiver

It didn’t seem that long ago when my Mother was the caregiver for my Father after his stroke. My mother spent day and night caring for him. She never took time for herself. She never had family or friends come in and help her.   I don’t think it was something she did to be the martyr, but rather she thought that was what was expected of her.

I met a woman at the spa that was a caregiver to her husband who had had a stroke. She talked about how it was very important to her to make sure she took care of herself. She could not look after her husband if she did not take care of herself first. She does things for herself that keep her positive, healthy and fit. She accepted support from family and friends when offered. She also used the different support groups and agencies out there for caregivers to give her a break when she needs it.

This is the age of the new caregivers, giving care to themselves first. Then they can care for others. It’s great to see this change. If you are a caregiver, take time to care for yourself. Book a massage or even a pedicure to give you that time for yourself and to experience the relaxation of touch.

Putting yourself first is not selfish it’s smart!





Have you ever heard the expression “Finding your tribe?”

I have read this often when referring a business’s clients “being their tribe”.

The term ‘tribe’ implies a common set of goals, values, and beliefs; all of which promote the well-being of the group.

We all want to experience a sense of community. To have a group of like-minded people, which are on the same page supporting each other as a collective group.

Over the last few months our clients and staff have been referred to as the “Spa Sedona Family”. We have come together as a family when we needed each other the most. So I think family and tribe is the same thing! Maybe we are the “Spa Sedona Tribe.”

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

Jane Howard, Margaret Mead

Put a Trip to Sedona AZ on your bucket list!

Have you ever been to Sedona AZ? I highly recommend it.

I knew Sedona was calling me to “restore my spirit”, the phrase that goes with my Spa Sedona logo.

Seeing the Red Rocks for the first time was very emotional, they were telling me “it’s ok to release the pain, let it go”. After the first two days I was ready to enjoy everything I love about Sedona.

The calm of the red rock, the hiking trails, the energy of the vortexes and the sound of the water of Oak Creek trickling over the rocks. These are all things that will put you in such a relaxed state. Then there is the food! My blog would not be complete without a few food pictures. So please put Sedona AZ on your bucket list, you won’t regret it.

Spring is here in Ontario and it was good to get back to warm weather.

Happy Father’s Day, congratulations to all the graduates and School is out for the summer!!!

Oak Creek with Cathedral Rock in the back Ground at the Vortex

My daughter Stephanie and I on Baldwin Trail with Cathedral Rock

Breakfast at Red Rock Café in Oak Creek Village WOW

View from the dinning room at The Sedona Golf Club

Do you need some “OFF THE GRID” time?

Have you ever heard of the expression “OFF THE GRID”?

The expression means living without electrical dependency. The new slang saying “off the grid” refers to living without technology.   More and more people are realizing that they need more time “off the grid”, literally a “Tech Detox”.

Our brains need time to be quiet but with constant contact, technology is taking that away from us.

When you come to Spa Sedona we do not have WiFi for that very reason, we want you to relax, be still and rejuvenate for that time you are with us. This is my Tech Detox recipe.

  • Set a time to block text & calls except VIP
  • Set boundaries for screen time
  • Go to places with NO WiFi for vacation
  • Go back to nature & turn off your cell
  • Eat serotonin boosting foods: tuna, salmon, nuts, seeds, bananas, green tea, dark chocolate, spinach, blueberries & blackberries
  • Come to Spa Sedona!

I’m taking my own advice and will be going on a trip to Sedona Arizona in May. Sedona has always been my spiritual place and it has been calling me. Watch for pictures of the trip on the Spa Sedona Blog.

When Friends are there for you

They say you know who your friends are when you are in need. Well I have to say that we have a lot of friends at Spa Sedona. We are so grateful for all of you. Thank you to everyone who sent condolences, flowers, cards, food, donated to Victoria’s Education Fund and even a box of things they thought the staff would like. We understood that you were grieving too; you needed to come and grieve with us, or just give us a hug or just sit in the Relaxation Room for comfort. We were glad you came when we needed you.

Krissy’s family, Victoria and Vas would also like to send their heartfelt thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

It is now time for us all to start healing. We cannot stay in the past or go too far into the future, we have today. We have our memories of Krissy to hold onto, she will always be our shining star.

Why is “the power of touch” so important?

There is a Pampers commercial on TV of a new born baby being put in the mother’s arms. Every mother remembers that first touch so well. Touch, is one of the first sense that we develop as a human being from that first touch. It got me thinking that there really is a history of “the power of touch”. It starts with that first touch; the touch of holding our father’s hand as a child; the feel of being tucked into bed; the first time someone you love touches your hand; the first kiss as husband and wife; the first time your child or grandchild wraps their little hand around you finger.

As human beings we need to be touched to keep us healthy. That is why I love being in the touch business. As we age we don’t get touched enough. But healthy people know that coming for a pedicure, facial or massage makes them feel good because they are being touched. Do you know how much I have to bug my husband for an hour foot rub? I’m lucky to get 5 minutes! How is touch keep you healthy? It releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and reduces stress. So come and let us give you your touch therapy for the month.

Don’t wait; book an appointment for a healthier you for 2018.

Could what we put on our skin be harmful?

Before going into the spa industry I had no idea how important what we use on our skin was. I didn’t know what we should or should not use, but I was not alone. We now know that the toxins in foods, cleaners, cigarettes and the air are all harmful to our body. Just like these things, when we apply skin care products it is absorbed into our bodies. The cosmetics industry had toxins in their products for years and some still do. So it is very important that you read the label when using anything on your skin. Stay away from parabens, synthetic colours, phthalates and a company’s “secret formula” because they can hide toxins in this formula.

I am so proud to be dealing with ethical companies like [comfort zone] from Italy for our skin care that moved to paraben free years ago. Also the JEWEL of Makeup Lines, “Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup”.   Jane started her company as a pure makeup line for the health of women’s skin fifteen years ago. She is a pioneer.

At Spa Sedona we are always looking out for you and picking products that are healthy for your skin. Happy New Year.

 Sherry Robinson

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