Time flies when you are having fun.  It has been 10 years since Spa Sedona opened and it has been quite a ride.  The first three years were the hardest, by six months I had changed all the staff but two(and they were family).  I went to bed every night saying “what have I done” and got up every morning saying “I can do this”. Year three was the turning point and by year five things were going great.  By then we had key staff that are still here.  That made the difference; I needed staff who had the same desire to give the client the “Great Spa Experience” that our clients deserve. Also my decision to hire for reception staff, mature women that had had careers has been the best. 
Some of our highlights from the past 10 years:
5 Marriage proposals
A Woman going into labour after having a pedicure
So many creative Bridal Parties
Being on the TV show “Game of Homes”
Our new addition in 2014
An elderly women not making the corner and almost driving into the Spa
The ice storm 2014 and losing our power two days before Christmas
Three staff got married, Megan, Maureen and Nicole will be married this August
PLUS our many awards, Local Reader’s Choice Award for Best Spa
3 year winner of the Consumers Choice Award for Best Spa GTA East

We could not have done it without you!  We love taking care of you and are looking forward to the next 10.

Thank you so much to you our valued clients.  We are here to service YOU!

A new club I didn’t want to join

I knew this day would come when I would have to write this May Newsletter. In 2007  I first introduced you to my Mom, Mary Dunford who was celebrating her 90th birthday. Each Mother’s Day I would always do a shout out to Mom and let you know how she was doing.  In September Mom passed.  This will be our first Mother’s Day without her. 
Now I join a new club of people that know what it’s like to live without their Mothers.  They too have picked up the phone to call their Mom when something exciting has happened and they want to share. Or they too have made the turn onto their Mother’s street because it’s a force of habit. Then you have this empty feeling that makes you sad, because you remember, she’s not here anymore.
So here is to you Mom, I miss you.
To all our Moms, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Sisters and Aunts, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

2015-04-06 11.44.42

Last Mother’s day with My Mom, son Jeff, daughter Stephanie and grandson Cooper


It pays to go on holidays and let your mind have a rest.  So let me tell you about the great idea I had while on holidays.
I have been taking my dog, Maggie May to the new dog groomers in our plaza, call “Super Mutz”.  Prior to taking Maggie here she had been afraid every time I took her to the groomers. She would shake and want to stay with me. But not with Sylvia and Rhonda at Super Mutz, Maggie just loves them. 
Here comes my idea. What do ‘you’ do when your dog is having their spa service at the groomers? You come to Spa Sedona for “your” spa service.  If your dog is going to be a little longer than you, relax in our relaxation room and have a cup of our imported tea. It’s called “Spas & Paws”.
This is how it would work.
  Check out our video.


2015-10-10 19.34.06

Maggie May



March Break – Enjoy your Kids by spending time together at Spa Sedona

I’m reading the biography of Alan Doyle who is a member of the Canadian Band “Great Big Sea” from Newfoundland. He tells about growing up in Petty Harbour in a small house with four siblings. When he grew up and went to St. John’s for University he brought his girlfriend home to Petty Harbour. On the drive back to St. Johns the girlfriend said “I didn’t know you grew up poor”. His thought was “I never thought I was poor”. I just love that line. In his mind he never felt poor. He never went to bed hungry, he had lots of love; his home was full of music and family. As kids everything is bigger and grander than what it actually was and then we grow up. Have you ever gone back to places that you went as a child and it seem so much smaller? Then there were the people you thought were really rich when you were a kid only to find out that was not the case.

Childhood memories are wonderful and we should keep them as long as we can.

Make memories this March Break by spending it with your son or daughter here at Spa Sedona.

Sherry Robinson, Owner Spa Sedona

Why you will love Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

When you find something great, you tell EVERYONE. Now this may sound like an advertisement for the Spa but it’s not. I just love telling everyone about Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. I have been using Jane for over 10 years now. I have met Jane Iredale herself who is a pretty amazing women.

We are much more aware today than 10 years ago that what we put on our skin can be bad for us. Your skin absorbs chemicals, dyes and preservatives the same as if you swallow them. Also we are much more aware of wearing SPF to protect our skin from sun damage. Jane was ahead of her time. She wanted Makeup that was healthy for your skin and not just a cover.

Here are the reasons Jane Makeup is so much better for you:

  1. Four in one – foundation, powder, concealer & sunscreen
  2. SPF – instant chemical-free sun protection
  3. Fast, weightless Coverage-doesn’t fade, crease or smear
  4. Oil–free-allows the skin to breath
  5. Minimum allergy risk-no perfume, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, or fillers like talc
  6. Coverage concentrated pigment-you only need a little for full coverage
  7. Adhere – stays all day long
  8. Anti-inflammatory – great for people with acne or rosacea
  9. Cannot support bacteria
  10. Highest quality in the industry
  11. That’s my spiel. I’ve converted lots of you but I want more.

Sherry Robinson


Jane Iredale and Me

New Beginnings for 2016

The holidays are over and we are into a new year. There are years that we are glad to see a new year and others that we are sad to see the end of the year. With the loss of my Mom this year it has been harder than others and I’m now looking forward the 2016 and new beginnings.

Spa Sedona will have some new beginnings in 2016, the birth of Bernadette’s baby which should arrive this month, a new product called Sublime Skin from [comfort zone] due out in January and a wedding for Nicole in August. These are all very exciting things for us.

So whether you are look forward to the New Year or not so much, there will always be new beginnings to be excited about. Happy New Year to all of you, and we look forward to taking care of you in 2016.

 Sherry Robinson

Come support the Small Businesses in our Plaza @ Church St. South

October was “Small Business Month” and hats off to all my Small Business partners. On one of the local radio stations they were encouraging people to frequent their local small businesses.  What a great idea! Why should you buy from local Small Businesses?  Because these business owners live and breathe their businesses.  They truly care for the clients; the client isn’t just a number. When I created Spa Sedona, it was to build a place where people could come and de-stress even if it was for an hour. Every day I get to see people come in looking like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders,  but when they come back out from their services they look relaxed and calm. Small Business owners SEE their clients.
So come support the businesses in our small plaza here on Church St. South. They are all locally owned. There’s Aunty’s Recipe, two wonderful ladies running this Pizzeria, the pizza and salads are fantastic. How about a great consignment store, The Mulberry Bush. I find lots of great things here. Then there’s Big Daddy’s, you have to try his Poutine. The Honest Crook Convenience store has been in this plaza from the beginning. We also have the famous Ajax Foot Clinic, a Guardian Pharmacy and Goodfellas Barber shop.
Thank you for supporting our Plaza and Spa Sedona.

PS – in November a new Pet grooming shop (Super Mutz)is opening.

Sherry Robinson



In my Mother’s Day Newsletter in 2008 is when you first met my Mom, Mary Dunford. She was 90 years old then, and every year after that I always gave a shout out to her on Mother’s Day.

It is with a sad heart that I tell you she passed away September 12th at the age of 98. She passed away very peacefully with her children by her side.

She lived a very long and full life, which everyone strives for. We were so grateful to have her as long as we did. I really thought that because of all these things it would be an easier process when she passed. But it wasn’t, not for any of us kids. There is something about losing your Mother that takes you back to being a child. The pain and sadness is so great, leaving you with such an empty feeling.

Eight years ago we did a video of Mom telling her life story. When we finished we asking her what was her greatest accomplishment in her life. She said, “hands down it would been my 5 kids, they were the joy of my life”.

This love is what we will miss.

Sherry Robinson


September – New Beginnings

Even though I don’t have kids going back to school I still have that excited feeling of a new beginning when it comes to this time of year.  September always brings new beginnings: a new school, new friends, new sports teams, new clothes, new shoes, new backpack.  Buying my kids their new clothes for going back to school was my favorite thing.  My boys let me buy their clothes without question except for one year.  Because I have a sister who lives in Buffalo I would always go there for back to school shopping. One year I purchased matching pants and jackets for the boys, one in bright red and the other in royal blue.  Let’s say they were a little ahead of their time, the pants were baggy and hung down off their hips. They never said anything but they only wore them once!

These are my boys now, I guess I didn’t damage them too much!

2015-07-24 08.41.59
Enjoy your new beginning this September.



Need a gift idea for someone that has everything?

I have to share a wonderful idea that one of our clients came up with.  Our client’s Aunt was celebrating her 80th birthday and our client was organizing the party.  Our client came up with the idea of instead of everyone trying to figure out what to get her Aunt, she would let everyone know that she had started a Spa Sedona gift card. All they had to do was call or drop in to Spa Sedona, sign the birthday card and add to the gift card.  It was so much fun. We enjoyed meeting all the Aunt’s friends, neighbors and relatives.  They all shared a little story about her. They all loved the idea because it took the guessing out of what to get her.  As one neighbor said “what do you get someone that doesn’t need anything, I love this idea”.
The Aunt comes to the Spa regularly and now she will be able to enjoy knowing that her good friends and family are still taking care of her.

Sherry Robinson


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